2017 Spring Classic - April 7,8,9 - #2and1/2days

UPDATE 4/03/2016: Classic Routes!!!

These will be quick and dirty because you never really know....
Friday: Parade Lap (FRP/TOWER)
Saturday: Grandfather Loop (Camp/Currahee/Soap&Slope/Campa)
Sunday: Singletrack Sunday (NewNew/DS/SB/BR)

UPDATE 4/03/2016: Classic Week! Details....

First of all. This shit is FREE!!! They'll be a donation box for anyone wanting to help out with costs but it's not mandatory by any means. Bring a little extra cash for Spring Classic swag.

#2and1/2days!!! A little tougher logisitically. Friday night will be burrito night and there will be totillas, blackbeans, cheese, chicken, lettuce, salsa etc. Feel free to bring extras for the burritos or even some sides for your homies. On Saturday, we'll have COFFEE eggs/bacon/bread/sauage or bagels etc. Saturday night sketti night, we'll have it + salad and may even some steak for you meat eaters! We'll have all the cooking gear.

Beer is still an unknown at the moment so BYOBooze.

Roll out time Friday is 2ish and around 11ish the other days.
Directions to Base Camp
Whether you are coming down from the hills to the North or headed up from the dirty dirty - 441 is your path. 5 miles North of Cornelia is Old Hwy 197. Get off here and head south. Take 197 South 2.5 miles until it dead ends. Turn left and then a quick right 200 feet later on Nancy Town Rd. Take the bridge of the railroad and turn left on Welcome Home Rd. Take Welcome Home about a mile and take the hard to see right on a dirt road by the Welcome Home Cemetery. Take that dirt road (Georgia Mountain Orchard Rd) about a mile and hang a right at the first major intersection and a left on the next small dirt road and that's where we'll be.

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